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Who benefits from MAM Accounts?

Traders who manage multiple accounts should consider the benefits of a MAM system. This account type is particularly useful for traders who implement EAs, as they will require the flexibility needed to manage multiple accounts. By using MAM, they can extend the functionality of the MetaTrader 4 platform. MAM is an add-on to the MT4 program, offering seamless integration. Meanwhile, multiple MT4 interfaces are unnecessary: they can be controlled from one interface. This user-centric functionality allows money managers to better manage trades, while simultaneously working from one interface.

Each managed account can conduct trades from a single MetaTrader 4 client. By adopting centralised processing and a server-based system, traders can have hundreds of accounts trading with one click. Better still, there is no delay between each trade. Investing in a MAM comes with a certain degree of risk, which the client should consider before participation.