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What fees apply to Arbidyne Managed Account Service?

1. Account Management Fee

The Account Management Fee of 2% (2.2% to Australian Investors inclusive of any Goods and Services Tax) of Account Equity calculated at the end of each Month (At an equivalent Monthly rate of 0.1667%; or 0.1833% to Australian Investors). The Account Management Fee is calculated and payable Monthly in arrears to the responsible entity, Gleneagle Asset Management Ltd.

2. Performance Fee

The performance fee represents a premium paid to the Program Manager for profits generated. The performance fee is 30% (33% to Australian Investors inclusive of any Goods and Services Tax) of the Return above the high watermark calculated and payable Monthly in arrears.

3. Transactional and operational costs

Transaction and operational costs cover the costs of buying and selling investments in your Account, primarily brokerage but may include Government taxes, bank charges and stamp duty (if any). These costs are incurred when transactions are affected.

If transaction costs are incurred in relation to more than one investor’s account, they will be allocated pro rata across all affected accounts. The Service is expecting to take advantage of competitive brokerage rates.

The amount of transaction costs incurred when transacting is dependent on a number of different variables, including the volume of trading undertaken and the value traded if using derivatives which may be leveraged, and market volatility. We are unable to provide a meaningful estimate or example of these costs. Investment Manager may also incur costs resulting from trading certain derivative products for hedging purposes. Investment Manager will also incur costs in selling investments to meet withdrawal requests.

While the investment strategy for the Model Portfolio is new, and hence such costs are unable to be calculated based on the costs charged in the past 12 months, this information reflects Investment Manager’s reasonable estimate of the transaction and operational costs for your Account. We have also assumed that application monies received and profits are fully invested and if derivate products then they can also be leveraged to allow a greater value to be traded.

Transactional and operational costs for your Account are paid out of the assets of your Account and are the costs calculated, charged and payable to the broker and are not fees or costs paid to Investment Manager.

Please notes:

1. Pro rata adjustments on Account Management Fee will not be made to your Account Equity due to the timing of deposits or withdrawals of contributions during the month.

2. We may deduct applicable taxes from your account. Please refer to Section 8 of the Part A PDS for further information.

3. Until we advise otherwise, the responsible entity will pay all expenses from its Account Management Fees and no additional expenses will be recovered.