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About (FXT) is one of the world's leading brokerage platforms, and focuses on providing solutions using best-in-class tools and analytics. We offer the best trading experience to clients, with user-friendly institutional-quality tools that were developed for all levels of traders. FXT is a fully licensed and regulated brokerage that is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

The FXT Story

FXT (FXT), formerly known as Rubix FX, was established as an online broker in 2014, by a team of professionals with extensive financial market experience. These professionals bring valuable experience in risk management, compliance, technology and service to FXT's business culture. Our core values are integrity, transparency, diligence and innovation. At FXT we are inspired to think differently, while also seeking to unite and share a common vision because of a deeply held belief about what is most important to clients. While FXT caters to clients around the world, we maintain the same regulatory standards and integrity across the board. FXT is built by traders who have a deep understanding of the stresses, frustration and hardship that traders experience during the course of their professional lives. For this, we make sure that our clients have access to the best news and information, research and analytics that are available. Everything that FXT does is done with dedication. We practice what we preach, providing full disclosure and transparency for every conceivable detail of our organization, in order to best serve your needs.

Our Vision

FXT (FXT) was founded in 2014 with the vision of building the world`s most cost-effective and transparent trading environment for all types of traders. We developed the FXT Navigator to help traders at all levels to enhance and sharpen their statistical edge. FXT takes away the complexity and cost of accessing and processing huge amounts of data, by leveraging our resources and the vast experience of our trading and data science team. Our mission is to deliver the best trading experience and provide institutional-quality trading tools to all traders in our community.

Meet Our Management Team


The team at consists of leading experts drawn from the fields of finance and academia. In addition to academic insight and technical knowledge, they also possess real world experience from years in the trenchs of markets and trading. This combination enables them to provide an innovative, first-class trading experience to investors at all levels of experience.

Our Foundation

September 2014 (FXT) is founded (FXT), which originally traded under the name “Rubix FX”, is founded in September 2014.

November 2018

Designated liquidity service provider

FXT partnered with oneZero Financial Systems to offer its liquidity services to a wider client base, allowing participants of oneZero`s EcoSystem access to FXT liquidity.

December 2019

Brand refreshment

Rebranded to (FXT) with an aim to expand globally with the best trading environment and top-tier services.

May 2020

Introducing crypto

Alongside currencies, commodities, indices and other assets on FXT, FXT expanded its digital asset offering, enabling clients to trade and invest in bitcoin, ether, XPR and other popular cryptos.

April 2021

Paypal & Worldpay

Authorized and integrated with both Paypal and Worldpay to our ever-growing list of funding and payment channels.

September 2021

Arbidyne absolute return funds

Launched our first absolute return funds with an Australian licensed funds manager, Arbidyne Capital, aiming to bring hedge-fund trading to retail investors.

May 2022

Ditto acquisition

Acquired Ditto, a tech-driven and product led brokerage, to expand into social trading spaces, a disruptive innovation is mapped out along the way.

July 2022

FXT navigator

Launched 1st version of FXT navigator with an aim to close the gap between retail traders and institutional traders with our cutting-edge and intuitive trading tools.

What`s with FXT?

Veteran expertise

FXT’s team consists of trading veterans with a deep, first-hand understanding of markets.

Experience-driven innovation

FXT’s product developers aren’t just technical experts – they're traders who’ve been in the trenches themselves.

Top-shelf Trading Conditions

Enjoy industry leading trading conditions. Take advantage of competitive trading costs that beat 80% of our peers.

Trusted and fully transparent

Trust and integrity lie at the core of everything we do. We are a fair and fully transparent brokerage.

Innovative Trading Tools

FXT Navigator, our proprietary platform, features a user-friendly interface and cutting-edge tools that enhance the decision-making of traders of all levels and styles.

Fully Regulated and Compliant (FXT) is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and licensed by the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (AFSL Number 337985). FXT is also licensed with the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (Company Number 40256).

Michael Berman

Chief Executive Officer

Michael is a veteran trader and product developer, who brings over two decades of experience with financial markets and fintech to FXT as its CEO.
He spent the past decade focused on assessing, incubating and allocating capital to traders, and is highly esteemed in the field.  Michael has also developed a broad range of innovative products and companies throughout the course of his career.
Michael has a Ph.D. in Behavioural Economics, an interest in technical analysis, a bent for all things quantitative, and a special passion for philosophy and psychology.

Leo Hung

Head of Operations

Leo Hung, FXT’s Head of Operations, is a 16-year veteran of the contract for differences (CFD) market who first joined the sector back in 2006.   At FXT, Leo uses his wealth of experience in the CFD sector to enhance operations across a range of areas. These areas include strategy formulation, performance improvement, materials procurement and compliance.
Leo holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Actuarial Studies and Finance) degree and a Master of Commerce (Accounting) degree from the University of New South Wales (UNSW).  

Vladimir Krouglov

Head of Research & Risk

Vladimir has a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and lectures extensively in the field of Machine Learning. His expertise in artificial intelligence gives FXT the edge when it comes to the development of cutting-edge trading analytics.
For the past 12 years, Vladimir has worked with Michael in the development of innovative quantitative scores to measure trading skill, and the development of high-performance analytic engines that focus on risk and performance attribution. 
As Chief Research & Risk Officer, Vladimir is responsible for all of FXT's quantitative research and its overall risk framework

Vladislav Moskovskiy

Chief Technology Officer

Vladislav has a wealth of experience when it comes to IT development across a broad range of sectors. For more than five years, Vladislav has worked on fintech product development with Michael Berman and Vladimir Krouglov.
He has more than seven years of experience in product development for online brokers, as well as considerable experience with fintech, big data, the Internet of Things and the pharmaceutical sector.
Vladislav holds a Master’s degree in Information Control Systems and Technology. As Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for FXT, he is responsible for overseeing all of the company's technology-related operations.

Lance Suntup

Head of Compliance

Lance Suntup is a 25-year veteran in the field of compliance and risk management services. He first launched his career with big five accounting firm Arthur Andersen in the South African financial hub of Johannesburg.
As FXT Head of Compliance, Lance is responsible for ensuring that FXT maintains its core values of transparency, integrity and trust by operating in full adherence with relevant laws and regulations.
Lance is a member of the Futures and CFD Compliance Committees of the Australian Financial Markets Association.

Tim Muirhead

Head of Investment Committee

Tim Muirhead is the Head of Investment Committee and co-founder of Arbidyne Capital - an Australian-licensed fund manager that focuses on delivering market-leading risk-adjusted returns for retail clients.  Tim’s special areas of expertise include technical trading and the use of a global macro-framework to drive trading strategies using trend analysis.  
A both systematical and mathematical roadmap is designed by FXT's investment committee to empower gifted traders to achieve their trading goals by offering a professional trading career pathway.

Alexandr Kot

Senior Manager Data Science

Alexandr has a Ph.D. in high energy nuclear physics, and has worked with Michael, Vladimir and Vladislav for over 4 years on the programming of sophisticated trading tools and performance analytic models. This experience plays a vital role in FXT’s development of in-house trading analytics.
Alex's areas of focus at FXT are the development of sophisticated trading tools and the provision of data science support to the operations and risk departments. 

Alexey Galyzin

Head of UX Design

Alexey has over 20 years of experience in the design sector, including the management of large-scale design agencies. His area of passion and focus is UX design, and he specialises in maximising simplicity and functionality for users.
This experience and expertise enables Alexey to optimise the user experience for FXT’s clients, who use the platform to deal with a range of complex trading and investment concepts.

Karina Movsha

Head of UI Design

Karina is a User Interface (UI) designer who holds extensive training in the field, including full certification with Google as a UI specialist.
She is responsible for optimising the usability of FXT’s platform for its clients, to ensure that they have the best possible trading experience and are able to make full use of its institutional-calibre tools and analytics.
Karina has extensive international experience in the field of user interface design. She has previously worked with leading media holdings and fintech companies in both Europe and Australia.

Ioannis Xenos

Head of Platform Product Development

Ioannis is the chief developer of the FXT Navigator™, and his key area of expertise lies in algorithmic trading. He is a specialist MQL developer who brings more than a decade of tech sector experience to FXT.
Ioannis holds a degree in computer science and has previously developed multiple trading tools for a number of platforms, including Ditto Trade alongside Michael Berman. His job at FXT is to work with the team to develop the best trading tools for FXT’s clients.

David Choi

Head of Marketing

David is a veteran marketing director whose key area of expertise lies in the application of cutting-edge data and analytical methods to digital media strategies for innovation-driven businesses.
At FXT, David is responsible for the full coordination and integration of the company’s global marketing initiatives, by leveraging his deep understanding of consumer psychology and business culture.
  He has extensive experience in APAC market development and international campaign strategies, as well as the implementation of optimised media mixes for driving conversion and ROI.  

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