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Episode 27

Bad Spending, Shorting Markets & Recent Rallies

  • By FXT
  • FEB 03, 2023

Episode 26

Market Highs, Recession Fears and Inflation

JAN 27, 2023

Episode 25

Population shifts creating big moves, debt ceiling closing in

JAN 20, 2023

Episode 24

The World & Real Assets: Gold, Oil and Business

JAN 13, 2023

Episode 23

Dive into 2023 with Gold, Stocks and Crypto

JAN 06, 2023

Episode 22

A deep look at economic effects on the global economy

DEC 30, 2022

Episode 21

Crypto Villain Sam Bankman-Fried in a Fry Up

DEC 16, 2022

Episode 20

3 Major Factors Pointing To Recession in 2023

DEC 09, 2022

Episode 19

Inflation changes, China protests and market update

DEC 03, 2022

Episode 18

China’s effect on supply chains and inflation

NOV 25, 2022

Episode 17

Economic Lag takes hold as companies ramp up layoffs in USA

NOV 19, 2022

Episode 16

China making moves, will metal hold and where did crypto go?

OCT 04, 2022

Episode 15

Inflationary Recession Alarm Bells, Elon Musk Buys Twitter

AUG 03, 2022

Episode 14

Xi Jinping’s Vision for the Future and the Metaverse Fail

OCT 02, 2022

Episode 13

The UK’s fiscal backflip and a potential Hong Kong peg break

OCT 01, 2022

Episode 12

The RBA’s Rate Surprise and Bitcoin’s Environmental Peril

SEP 30, 2022

Episode 11

Bearish Sentiment Reigns, BOE resumes Quantitive Easing

SEP 29, 2022

Episode 10

Fed determined to crush inflation and the ETH plunge

SEP 28, 2022

Episode 9

Fed determined to crush inflation and the ETH plunge

SEP 27, 2022

Episode 8

The Fed’s hawkishness, Aussie dollar movements and Europe

SEP 26, 2022

Episode 7

Jackson Hole reactions and the Ethereum merge

SEP 25, 2022

Episode 6

Jackson Hole, European stagflation and Bitcoin Bullishness

SEP 24, 2022

Episode 5

Why the Fed’s balance sheet contraction kill equities rally

SEP 23, 2022

Episode 3

Why Companies Are Firing Staff Despite Strong Earnings

SEP 21, 2022

Episode 2

Is the US in a recession already?

SEP 20, 2022

Episode 1

Record Low Unemployment and US Recession

SEP 19, 2022

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Drawing on insights from professionals in the game in this weekly session is essential to your trading work week to ensure your finger stays on the pulse.
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