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Who is Arbidyne?

Arbidyne is an Australian-licensed fund manager focuses on delivering market-leading risk-adjusted returns for retail clients.

Using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis, the fund manages a long/short portfolio which actively trades Australian and international equities, global index, fixed income, currencies, and commodity futures.

The Arbidyne team has a track record across the full spectrum of hedge fund skills. Two of its founder team members, Tim Muirhead and Josh Quigley, were originally from the renowned proprietary trading firm Tibra.

In 2006, Tibra made waves in the high-frequency options market and outpaced its competitors only after five months from its inception. Within six years, Tibra turned an AU$7 million seed investment into AU$200 million AUM (assets under management), outperformed its competitors all throughout the end of the GFC (Global Financial Crisis).

Equipped with the knowledge, experience, and proven track record, Arbidyne Capital is bringing hedge-fund trading to the everyday investor.