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What are the key benefits by investing in Arbidyne Managed Account Service?

• Your Account is an interest in a registered managed investment scheme.

• Your Account is segregated from other Accounts (though investments may be aggregated when held by any custodian).

• You can access a variety of investments, trading platforms, custody services, dealing services and other financial services that might not be offered at all, or on the same terms, directly to retail clients.

• Fractional investing will be available in selected investments (as approved by the Responsible Entity from time to time). For example, a single investment in an “exchange traded fund” might be too large for a single member yet the Service can allocate a fractional investment in it. While each Account is NOT pooled with other Accounts, a single investment held by fractional investments for more than one member will be held in a pooled account with a custodian on behalf of all members who hold a fractional investment allocation (corresponding to the amount they have invested in that fractional investment). This gives more investment opportunities, and potentially earlier access to the opportunity for the member.

• The Program Manager manages the portfolio’s composition. Dealings made to follow the Model Portfolio and its investment strategy may be made by the Program Manager, or by the Operator, depending on the Model Portfolio. Details of each Model Portfolio (or Program Manager’s suite of Model Portfolios) will be in their own supplementary PDS. The current default Model Portfolio is the Arbidyne Momentum And Fundamental Trading (MAFT) Portfolio and will be selected for you.

• You can move investments into or out of your Account at any time (subject only to the cut-off time set for each Model Portfolio and third-party service suppliers, such as banks, brokers and settlement systems). Details of each Model Portfolio are set out in separate documents, referred to as “PDS Part Bs”.

• Contributions and withdrawals can be by electronic funds transfer.