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World Market Snapshot 13 May 2024


US30 is approaching the highs, along with the US500 and GER40. These are some of the most popular indices traded worldwide. The UK100 has reached new highs last week putting it into new pricing territory.

AUDUSD is close to the Bollinger Band mid line however the high weeks on the weekly charts haven’t found a price above 0.66678 since mid-January.

USDCHF currently occupies close to the highs of recent history, near the start of 2023. While it isn’t an extreme deviation from mean price over the years, the recent history appears to show price turning lower from these recent highs.

AUDJPY, NZDJPY & Yen Crosses

The AUDJPY and NZDJPY shows the market rallied close to the highs last week. Traders will likely be looking for big moves on the Yen pairs around these levels. The market is close to the upper Bollinger bands once again, will you be looking for a breakout or retracement?

AUDCAD is currently sitting close to the highs from late 2023 which could mean the possibility of the market balancing lower towards the mid Bollinger line over coming weeks.

Gold is close to all-time highs. A couple of weeks of reprieve were seen and XAUUSD is tied closely to the talks and actions in the Israel Palestine situation. Much of the world waits for peace which will see the gold price soften.