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This Forex Trading Tool Is Blowing Traders Mind’s!

Traders have stumbled upon a tool that is blowing their mind’s! It is widely known that the big guys at the top have an advantage, but what if that advantage was leaked to the wider public? Traders are taking back the upper hand and getting deep insights into strategy development and data, diving into trends and scanning entire markets in a single click. So what is it exactly, that has these traders all riled up?


Scan Fast, Trade Hard

We’ve seen and heard of traders looking for the golden goose, watching charts and looking for that strategy that works almost every time. They look, they watch and they back test over and over until finally they find something. Forget scrawling through every angle of every chart hoping to find a consistent workhorse to bring home the bacon! With this FXT Navigator tool, traders are scanning fast and trading hard.

Their day kicks off by opening the tool and hitting the button to scan entire markets in one push. Up comes a handful of trades and data to run their eye over and… Eureka! The data isn’t lying and you have discovered a strategy that’s in the game right now. Better yet, these trader’s have alerts set up so they are told when it’s time to go hit the button and enter the trade.

No scrolling, scanning and watching for hours on end. Get the hang of this tool and your time will be back in your hands in no time.


Dive on Massive Trends

For traders that were jumping all over the place, seeking the trend direction only to be misguided and flustered with all the different charts back and forward, the Trend tool in the FXT Navigator spits out markets in trend in an instant.

Boom, boom, boom! There’s three in a second, all trending markets ready to be investigated. Turn over the page and there’s a handful more! This tool is giving back the power to traders to be more selective and 10x more focused.

Let’s take it a step further!


Powerful Forex Portfolio Construction Tools

The FXT Navigator doesn’t stop there, these powerful forex portfolio construction tools combine to drive the analysis process to another level. The Trend tool gives a trending direction over a series of pairs. Traders are using this to take a direction on several pairs to construct a portfolio, but before they do this, they are jumping over to the Correlation Tool in the FXT Navigator.

In the Correlation tool, traders are working out what correlations might make for a well-constructed portfolio of forex pairs, taking the pressure of a one dimensional trading strategy and using every tool in the belt to help drive results.

Traders Mind’s are Blown!

With these three concepts all in one tool (plus a whole lot more!), traders are getting their mind’s blown and absolutely loving trading with and using their FREE tool, the FXT Navigator which plugs straight into the MetaTrader platform.

Unbelievable right? Try it for yourself because a tool this good may not be free forever.