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Realtime Market Scanner Autochartist Launched for MT4 at

Sydney, Australia, June 2021 — is very excited to announce that Autochartist’s real-time trade scanner EA is now available for our MT4 for all clients. 

The multi-asset scanner will provide trading pattern analysis across forex, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies directly onto clients’ MT4 chart. Target zones are then projected for all completed patterns, which traders can then combine with their own analysis to fine tune a profit objective. A volatility indicator also projects probable time-based trading ranges using statistical methods across multiple timeframes, further increasing a trader’s ability to fine tune their analysis, risk management and profit objectives. 

The Autochartist scanner also provides the ability to study past patterns directly on clients’ MT4 charts. And if numbers are more clients’ thing, they can view performance statistics of all their patterns from their vast database of historical trade data and see how their patterns have performed across each asset class or overall.

With the launch of Autochartist on our MT4 platform, the Autochartist Market Reports email service has also been provided to clients.

The market reports cover trading opportunities, correlation alerts, calendar events and signal performance. They are produced in a concise format, allowing traders to utilise relevant information quickly. The reports can also speed up a trader’s daily routine by identifying trends or potential reversals to either compliment their own analysis or generate new trade ideas. 

The email reports include trading signals and high impact events for the day, and clients have complete control over which reports they receive and which of the Asia, European or US sessions they receive them. Alongside the daily trading signals covering forex, commodity, indices and crypto markets, additional reports also include “Trade of The Day”, “Best 5 Trades” of the week and a “Correlating Alerts” report. 

This highly versatile product aims to complement traders’ analysis without taking over their trading, as they remain in complete control over which trades to take and how to manage them. It can therefore be a useful educational tool for beginners or create a powerful edge for experienced traders. 

Thank you for your continued trust and support. For more information, please visit our website.

Regards, Team