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Sydney, Australia, June 2021 — In order to provide customers with a more convenient and efficient client management service, launched a new client management portal in June 2021.

The new platform maintains the concise design of its predecessor, yet encompasses several new functions such as report management, online MT4 transactions and trading tools to provide an all-in-one portal for clients.

Yet this is not a one-size fits all platform. Traders of gain access to a suite of trading tools including Autochartist, volatility/correlation reports, news feeds, WebTrader and trading videos. Money managers can access the MAM portal, and all users can generate reports of their trading history and financial transactions. Moreover, clients can receive personalized notifications via the client portal from their account manager or the operations team.

Customers nowadays face more options when it comes to selecting a trading platform. Therefore, pays extra attention to the customer experience, and the correct CRM is an integral part of an optimum trading environment for our clients. Therefore, this new CRM is an important part of the company’s development plan as is aiming beyond simply providing convenient, simple, and reliable information for clients.

“What’s more is the new CRM facilitates cross-team cooperation, allowing sales, service, operations and marketing teams to work in harmony. And if its smoother behind the scenes, it provides a better customer and user-experience for the client and staff members”. — Lance Rosenberg, Director, Gleneagle Securities Pty Ltd.

The new CRM allows to easily update or rollout new tools once we spot the most edge-cutting innovations in the market. It also allows staff teams to easily communicate with clients and one another, resulting in a more fluid trading environment for all involved.’s future plan is to make the CRM an integrated part of the client’s trading experience, which means the customisation and technological innovation of it will persist. And by doing so, will make the new CRM a great selling point for the company and a great asset among the arsenal of products and services.

Thank you for your continued trust and support. For more information, please visit our website.


Regards, Team