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As a leading global forex brokerage, (FXT) prides itself on its integrity and transparency, as well as its commitment to always serving the best interests of its clients.  

Unfortunately however, some confusion has recently emerged in relation to disreputable websites that trade under similar names, or even seek to exploit both customers and FXT itself by leveraging such similarities to create copycat brands.  

These scam websites employ business practices that are diametrically opposed to those of FXT, by attempting to mislead and defraud potential clients.  

For the interests and safety of its clients and the general public, FXT hopes to clear up this area of confusion by sounding the warning on scam websites that trade under similar names.  

These websites and companies include:  


FX TRADING CORPORATION is completely unaffiliated with It is domiciled in South Korea and Brazil, where FXT has no branch offices or presence whatsoever.  

FXT is an Australian company based in Sydney, under the regulation of the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) (AFSL No. 337985) and the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) (Company No. 40256).  


FXTRADING HK is a copycat website that makes use of domain names similar to, as well as website designs that seek to precisely mimic its appearance in order to mislead investors.  

By copying the entire FXT website, FXTRADING HK hopes to attract people to make deposits without providing approvals for subsequent withdrawals.  

It is still possible however to identify differences between FXTRADING HK and FXT by paying close attention.  

Key differences include a lack of support for Live Chat or Page Search on FXTRADING HK.  

Furthermore, FXTRADING HK only requires that prospective clients complete just a single step when applying for accounts.  

For reasons of security and integrity, FXT implements a more rigorous process that requires several steps and the provision of more detailed personal information.  

We kindly request that both clients and members of the general public remain on the alert for such scam websites, as they often refresh their domains in a bid to deceive and exploit them.  

FXT would also like to reiterate its commitment to transparency and integrity, as well as always serving the best interests of clients by providing the highest quality trading services at extremely competitive costs.  

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