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Top 5 Free Forex Trading Tools

Heavily Detailed Economic Calendar

A staple for any trader, the economic calendar is a must have so that you are aware of major events that are scheduled around the world. A good trader will be aware of every event in the economic calendar that effects their preferred markets.

Packed with filters and deep insights, Trading Central’s Economic Calendar available through offers top notch trade planning opportunity.

Economic Charts

Adding to the economic calendar, what many regular calendars don’t offer is deep data backed insights into volatility and price movements following the announcement, filterable by the actual data versus expectation above or below the forecast. These deep insights across multiple forex pairs and timeframes show previous outcomes that stand out as clear as day.

For anyone trading the news and not using this, it’s time to level up with the economic charts offered through

Technical Views

When you’re short of an idea and what currency to focus on for the trading session, the Technical Views forex tool can give valuable insight into potential patterns and technical setups that you could focus on.

Rather than scrolling through every symbol in an attempt to map out a solid trade, check the Technical Views for great opportunities setting up in the markets.

This one works across Forex, Crypto, Indices and Commodities, so no matter what you trade, there could be something for you.

Market Buzz

Visual bubbles showing positive and negative sentiment in the news can be a great way to easily see what’s hot and what’s not in the world of finance. For those looking for mean reversion setups, this can be a ‘hot verse not’ play, when you see markets that are very red and very green in the same sector.

While mathematics play a massive role in the function of financial markets, people’s emotions and viewpoints also hold the market to ransom at times, so being aware of the overall sentiment can be a lifesaver.

Featured Ideas

Very similar to the Technical Views section, the Featured Ideas adds another layer of potential setups that come with an explanation of what was found on the charts.

As traders, it can be easy to miss opportunities when there are so many markets available to trade, so seeing more setups that others are likely watching can make the trading session far more interesting.