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3 Ways to Find Unlimited Trade Setups for Free

How to find forex broker that provides trade ideas and signals? provides access to trade ideas and signals through its proprietary institutional grade software called the FXT Navigator. As a broker, offers tight spreads and fast execution and works with both retail and institutional clients, enabling optimum trading environment for traders. is a broker built by traders, for traders. 


What is the FXT Navigator? 

The FXT Navigator is a tool that works directly through MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and uses data to analyse useful information such as trend direction and strength, scan symbols with the screener to identify indicator reactivity and a range of other features. The FXT Navigator is a free tool that clients have access to, to become a client, register for an account


How to find trade ideas 

Finding trade ideas is easy with the FXT Navigator, it’s a matter of going to the chart and running a scan on the market. There will be plenty of opportunities coming up, each with backtested information such as how many times the trade happened and since what date, along with average move in price, both up and down. This allows traders to rely on data backed information and quickly identify what works and what doesn’t. 

Scan through thousands of possible setups across multiple instruments, the results appear in seconds while you could run tests across a range of possibilities to find all kinds of data backed setups across many timeframes. The possibilities are endless! 

Once you have your account with, you can download the MT4 platform and the FXT Navigator is already installed or download it from the Client Portal


How to find a trade 

Using the FXT Navigator scanner in MT4, traders can find setups fast. Hone in on what you think might work, on what timeframe and you will see a result of price movement to help with your decision making process. You can even set up signals to alert you when the setup is in action. 

Sometimes finding a trade setup isn’t the hard part, but remembering it or knowing it is active right now is the real challenge. Keeping your mind across all setups, particularly if you have a lot of them, can be a daunting experience. Fortunately, the FXT Navigator has solutions for keeping on track of everything, which we explain later in the article. 


How to find forex pairs to trade 

Finding forex pairs to trade can be a time consuming and stressful period for new traders. The gurus out there pulling you in one direction while traders you know might be going for another favourite pair. Those days are over with the FXT Navigator by, with the ability to scan pages of symbols and get real data in seconds. Finding a forex pair to trade using the FXT Navigator, with the Screener tool makes life so much easier. Too much information on the screen? Simply remove symbols you wouldn’t fathom trading from the MarketWatch and you will have a clean slate. 


1. How to find forex trades 

Once you have identified the pairs you want to trade and set up your Symbols in the MarketWatch of MT4, scanning the market for forex trades is easy. Simply select the indicator you want to use, change the inputs if you like and then press Calculate. Its as simple as that! 

Once you press the button, the data will load within seconds, then you can assess the best opportunities to follow. Setting up an alert on what you find is easy too, simply click the box next to your symbol and you can save it to the signals tab for later. This way you never miss a beat and can keep your finger on the pulse. 


2. How to find forex trend 

Finding trend with the FXT Navigator is easy, the Trend section shows a list of all the instruments you have in your MarketWatch, uses the data from the data feed in your platform and runs the Moving Average tests to determine trend. In one place, you can quickly identify what markets are trending and in what direction, and what markets are not trending. 


3. How to find forex signals 

Forex signals can be costly, particularly when starting out as a trader. Fortunately, the FXT Navigator is free, and can provide signals. Let’s say you want to trade with a strong trend for a currency pair. In the Trend tab under MarketWatch, you can set up alerts which will let you know when the condition is met. You can even combine multiple signals together to gain extra strength and confirmation in your trade plan. These signals can even be set up to go directly to your phone as a push notification.  It doesn’t get much easier than that. 

You can save a wide range of signals and quickly see what is active in the Signals tab, meaning you will have plenty of opportunities available to you and you can be reminded of them as they happen in the market.   

Keeping track of all of your trade ideas can be tricky, so relying on tools and software and getting the computer to do the hard labour for us is essential to leading the trading lifestyle you want.

Get Your Free FXT Navigator 

To get your free access to the FXT Navigator, simply register with

There is a manual and support available so that you can make the most of this incredible tool and enjoy the institutional grade software with data backed evidence and reasoning to attest to your trading decisions. 

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