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Embark on your copy trading journey with FXT CopyPro, where traders and strategy providers unite to redefine the trading landscape. Join a vibrant community of investors and skilled traders, harnessing the power of collective wisdom to elevate your trading experience like never before.

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Trade well and earn a percentage performance fee from your copier base.

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Choose your own fee structure, perfectly tailored to your strategy. Join a transparent and supportive copy trading community where undiscovered talent gains the spotlight. Transform your trading acumen into a rewarding venture today.

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Once you`ve confirmed your settings, the FXT CopyPro alogrithm will mirror your trader as they trade, in real-time.

When an order fits your pre-set parameters, it will be copied instantly to your account, provided you have enough funds. You can see any skipped trades which were missed due to insufficient funds in your FXT CopyPro menu.

There`s no limits to the traders you can copy. Found 3 or 4 traders with amazing results? You can copy all of them if you choose. Easily pause your copying activity if you need to.

Strategy Provider feedback about FXT CopyPro

James Anderson

FXT CopyPro has revolutionized my trading experience. As a strategy provider, earning extra income couldn't be easier. With seamless integration and user-friendly features, I can effortlessly share my trading expertise and earn additional revenue. Highly recommended!

Benjamin Hughes

I've tried various copy trading platforms, but none compare to FXT CopyPro. The platform's intuitive interface makes it simple for me to showcase my trading strategies and attract followers. Plus, the ability to earn extra income based on my performance is a game-changer. FXT CopyPro has truly transformed the way I trade and earn.

Alexander Taylor

FXT CopyPro has empowered me to monetize my trading skills effortlessly. With just a few clicks, I can set up my trading profile and start earning extra income by allowing others to copy my trades. The platform's user-friendly design and robust features make it a standout choice for any strategy provider looking to capitalize on their expertise. If you're serious about earning extra through trading, FXT CopyPro is the way to go.

Become a Leading Trader and Expand Your Followers. Transform Your Strategies into Direct Earnings for Your Account Through FXT CopyPro.

Monetize Your Talent

Join the ranks of numerous strategy providers benefiting from the automated approach of copy trading. Seize the opportunity to attract followers and have them trade based on your strategies.


Profits generated by our top 10 traders for their copiers during the last month


Average win ratio of NAGA 10 most profitable traders

Better Stats Bring You More Copiers

Profit %

The end result, the profit percentage of the strategy to date.

Positions Traded

Number of trades made in the strategy.

Profitable %

Trades that have been profitable out of the total trade.

Profitable Days %

The percentage of days that the trader is profitable.

Recovery Factor

Net profit divided by max drawdown. This should typically be larger than 1.

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Where can I see my strategy listed in Copy Trading?

You can see your strategy listed in the Traders list provided you have the correct filters/search applied. 

How do I set the minimum investment amount for a strategy?

When setting up your strategy, you can set a minimum investment allocation.

How can a strategy provider check how much commission has been paid by investors?

In the portal, you will be able to see the commissions paid along with other features around your strategy. 

How can I check how many clients have copied my strategy?

You can check the number of clients copying your strategy, along with the FUM (Funds under management) via the Client Portal.

How can I check the status of my strategy?

The Client Portal will allow you to review your strategy and check the status of it at the current time. 

Is there a maximum number of people who can follow each strategy provider?​

Yes, the maximum number of followers is 300.

​ Are there any drawbacks to being a strategy provider?

Trading can come with mindset pressure and pressure to perform. It can also offer great opportunity and keep you accountable as a trader.