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Expert Team

Frank Huang

Frank Huang

Frank Huang has been involved in the futures, gold and forex market since 2007. He has served as a technical training instructor for a number of financial institutions and provided analytical webinars. He has integrated a variety of trading theories into his own system which utilizes market cycles and trading channels, and established a rapid analytical model involving wave time and space with attack and defense modes to improve trade timing. He has also led trainees to achieve positive results and returns in the stock, futures and spot markets.

Ruei-Ci Ricky Wang

Ruei-Ci Ricky Wang

Ricky Wang specializes in sophisticated risk control and money management techniques, and is well versed in MAE/MFE risk management evaluation techniques, market/volume profile and order flow game analysis. He mainly trades major currencies and raw commodities such as gold, silver, high grade copper, oil, but also trades US corporate bonds. Ricky has authored more than 20 articles in international journals on financial markets, foreign exchange trading and market volatility.

Jack Mok

Jack Mok

Jack Mok has 8 years of experience in forex trading, team training mentorship and trading strategy research. In 2014 to 2016, he set up development technology squad with a total strategy investment of over 5 million. After his original creation of Crossover Analysis and Momentum Mechanics in 2018, he was invited to launch a course to teach Forex fundamentals. The course now has over 500 students and he continues to lecture them today. He has also organized several large events for in-depth exchanges with traders from all over the world.

Hien Nguyen (Ian)

Hien Nguyen (Ian)

Ian’s 6-year career in finance spans wealth management, fintech and investment banking for companies such as HSBC Group, Westpac Group and Gleneagle Securities. He also holds all three levels of the CFA® Program. Having joined in 2019, Ian covers a broad range of markets including commodities, FX, and cryptocurrencies. In 2016 he started trading a portfolio of equities, commodities and currencies which has grown from less than $20,000 to over $1.6m. In 2018, Ian was the lead Financial Analyst for Cindicator Capital, a crypto-asset management firm leveraging hybrid intelligence where he authored multiple investment reports and market analysis.

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  • K线基础理论
  • K线分形与拐点
  • 主要的看涨形态
  • 主要的看跌形态


Tháng Mười

13:30 (GMT+7)

Làm quen với thị trường tài chính

Nguyễn Danh Hiển (Ian)

  • Mục đích của series hội thảo
  • Tại sao lại quan tâm?
  • Thị trường tài chính là gì?
  • Đôi chút về diễn giả
  • Hỏi & Đáp

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