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We offer traders easy access to trade cash CFD’s over commodities like Crude Oil, Gold, Silver and more. Energy, metals, and agricultural products are the three classes of commodities, and they are the essential building blocks of the global economy.

What are Commodities & How do they work?

Put simply, commodities are the raw materials humans use to create a livable world. Humans use energy to sustain themselves, metals to build weapons and tools, and agricultural products to feed themselves. These — energy, metals, and agricultural products — are the three classes of commodities, and they are the essential building blocks of the global economy.

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Commodities generally meet the following criteria:

  • Tradability: The commodity has to be tradable, meaning there needs to be a viable investment vehicle to help you trade it. For example, a commodity is included if it has a futures contract assigned to it on one of the major exchanges, or if a company processes it, or if there’s an ETF that tracks it. 
  • Deliverability: All the commodities have to be physically deliverable. Crude oil is included because it can be delivered in barrels, and wheat is included because it can be delivered by the bushel.
  • Liquidity: Most commodities have an active market with buyers and sellers constantly transacting with each other. Liquidity is critical because it gives you the option of getting in and out of a trade or investment without having to face the difficulty of trying to find a buyer or seller for your position.

Why Trade Commodities?

There is really only 2 reasons to trade commodities, to make money or hedge a position. Commodities allow you to make or lose large sums of money in relatively short amounts of time, with only a small initial investment. What allows you to do this is leverage. When you trade commodities you are putting the power of leverage on your side.

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With commodities playing a major and critical role in the global economic markets and affecting the lives of most people on the planet, there are multitudes of commodity and futures exchanges around the world. Each exchange carries a few commodities or specializes in a single commodity. For instance, the U.S. Futures Exchange is an important exchange that only carries energy commodities.

Competitive Spreads/Margins on Commodities


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Learn More About Commodities

Commodities markets, both historically and in modern times, have had tremendous economic impact on nations and people. The impact of commodity markets throughout history is still not fully known, but it has been suggested that rice futures may have been traded in China as long ago as 6,000 years.

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Energy commodities such as crude are closely watched by countries, corporations and consumers alike. The average Western consumer can become significantly impacted by high crude prices. Alternatively, oil-producing countries in the Middle East (that are largely dependent on petrodollars as their source of income) can become adversely affected by low crude prices. Unusual disruptions caused by weather or natural disasters can not only be an impetus for price volatility, but can also cause regional food shortages. Read on to find out about the role that various commodities play in the global economy and how investors can turn economic events into opportunities. (Coming soon)

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