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MT5 for PC

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  How to Install MT5 for PC


Download the terminal via
'Client Portal' .


Run the MT5 installation file.


Once installed, MT5 will load automatically.


Input user login and password details. MT5 Tutorials

MetaTrader installation and Basics
Orders and the Terminal window
Using Types of Orders MT5 for PC Main Features

  About MT5 for PC

MT5 (MetaTrader 5) is the latest platform released by MetaQuotes, the global company that revolutionised automated trading for retail traders. MT5 is a true multi-asset trading platform which can provide access to forex, cryptocurrencies, indices and commodity CFDs. 

Whilst MT5 has kept much of the same functionality and features of MT4, it also brings a host of new benefits for traders. 38 technical indicators and 31 analytical tools are now bundled as standard, along with the option of hiring, purchasing or creating your own indicators and EA’s (expert advisors). 

And with MT5 being a true 64-bit, multi-threaded program, it runs faster and more efficiently than MT4.


Yes, MT5 is a true multi-threaded 64-bit platform. This means it runs faster and is more efficient on the CPU than MT4.

Yes, you can create, edit and compile your own code using the MT5’s inbuilt MetaEditor software.

Unfortunately not. MT5 is not backwards compatible with MT4 indicators or EA’s, as the programming language has been redesigned and upgraded to MQL5.

Yes, you can still open a long and short position at the same time on your chosen market. However, you can also choose to switch to “netting mode” which combines multiple orders into a single trade.

Yes, although MT5 includes two additional pending orders (buy stop-limit and sell stop-limit).

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