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IRESS Mobile

Get ready to trade with FXTRADING.com on IRESS with stocks from global stock exchanges.

Why Trade on IRESS Mobile with FXTRADING.com?

What Can You Trade on IRESS Mobile?

IRESS Account Types


Minimum Deposit:
$10,000 AUD
Platform Fee:
$60 AUD
Market Data Fee:
For Every Exchange


Minimum Deposit:
$50,000 AUD
Platform Fee:
$60 AUD
Market Data Fee:
For Every Exchange


Minimum Deposit:
$100,000 AUD
Platform Fee:
No Platform fee
Market Data Fee:
For Every Exchange

Market Data Fees

  How to Install FXTRADING.com IRESS Mobile


Download IRESS onto your Android Download IRESS onto your iPhone


Run the installation file


Follow on-screen instructions during installation


Log in to your live trading account

  FXTRADING.com IRESS Mobile Main Features
  About IRESS Mobile

IRESS Mobile brings the power and diversity of IRESS ViewPoint to your phone or tablet device. Fully compatible across Android and Apple devices, you can download IRESS directly from the Google Play or the App Store.
With DMA (Direct Market Access) to over 10,000 global shares, monitor your portfolio or initiate new trades on the go and never miss an opportunity.

Ready to Trade?

Opening an account only takes around 3 minutes.
Live Trading Account Application FX &CFD

iress platform application

  • Complete the following application process and select ‘IRESS Account’ under account types.
  • Deposit a minimum of $10,000 AUD (or equivalent base currency) into an auto-generated MT4 account via the client portal.
  • Send an email to [email protected] to request your IRESS login details after you complete the previous two steps.
  • Send an email to [email protected] for all your future deposits or withdraws, and the auto-generated MT4 account will act as an intermediary for cash transactions.

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