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Welcome Trading Bonus

Enjoy an additional amount of trading credit on top of your initial invested capital to empower your trading.
We Help You to Empower Your Trading

Trade with Welcome Trading Bonus offers this special promotion for traders to grow their initial deposit.

What is the Trading Credit Bonus? offers eligible clients with a two-tier welcome bonus on top of their initial deposit, Receive 50% up to $100 and 10% up to a maximum combined bonus amount of $600 (or currency equivalent).

Any profits generated can be withdrawn at any time, however, fund withdrawals will trigger a proportional reduction of your trading credit bonus.

The examples in the reference table below allow traders to gain a quick understanding of how the trading credit bonus scheme works at

Initial Deposit

Bonus in Tiers

Bonus Amount

Account Balance


50% of $200




50% of $200 +10% of $300




50% of $200 + 10% of $500




50% of $200 + 10% of $5,000



The examples in the reference table below provide traders with a quick glance of how withdrawals impact their trading credit bonus.

Initial Deposit Bonus Amount Trading Profit and Loss Available Amount to Withdraw Requested Withdrawal Amount Proportional Bonus Removed
180 (50% of $200 +10% of $800)
$180 × $600 ÷ $1000 = $108
$180 × $600 ÷ $1000 = $108
$180 × $600 ÷ $700 = $154.29
How Do I Apply For Your Welcome Trading Bonus?
How to Claim Your Welcome Bonus
Open and fund your account

Open a Standard and make a deposit of minimum requirements.

your bonus

Opt into the Welcome Bonus Promotion via ‘Client Portal’.

Start trading

Trade using your bonus to empower your trading. 

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