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You cannot change your account type while you have open positions. However, once all your positions have been closed, you can apply to change your account type. To do that, please contact our customer service team or your account manager directly.

A forex swap is the interest rate differential between the two currencies of the pair you are trading, and it is calculated according to whether your position is long or short. The swap charge is applied should you hold the position at the daily rollover point, which is 00:00 server time and known in forex trading as 'tomorrow next' or 'tom next.'

There may be several different reasons as to why you cannot log in to your trading account. However, the reasons are generally related to your password or internet connection and 90% of these issues can be solved by checking the following points: 

  • Incorrect trading platform has been installed: We recommend you install and log in through the platform provided by 
  • Case sensitive: The field in the login widow is case sensitive. Please make sure you type the correct case. 
  • Space in the field: You may have added extra space in the field by mistake. 
  • Server is not connected: For some reason, your server may not be connected. You can find out which server is connected and which one is not (and also the latency in ms) by checking the list of trading servers. To check them, please go to ‘file’ – ‘open an account’ and you can see all available trading servers.

When you first set up a demo account, you can choose the initial deposit amount you want to. To top up your demo account, you can simply send an email with your demo trading account number and the amount you want to top up to [email protected]

The only difference between a demo account and a live trading account is that the demo account trades with virtual money rather than real money. A demo account is a virtual online forex trading account. The so-called "demo" means that the funds in the account are virtual. In addition, the currency quotation and chart in the demo account are synchronized with the real exchange market in real time. The demo account is completely free and does not require any capital.

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