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Trade Copier System

An advanced trade copying platform allowing novice and experienced traders to work together,
whereas novice traders are able to automatically copy pros trading in real-time.

Advantages of the Trade Copying Platform at

Powerful Trading Tool for Beginners

Through our innovative trade copying system, beginners at can easily leverage professional’s expertise without extra time and energy invested in trading. With our trade copying platform, beginners are allowed to be able to automatically copy top-performing traders, instantly replicating their trades into the followers trading accounts. 

With internal risk control functionalities, traders can easily set up their own risk tolerance level and take full advantage of our powerful trade copying platform.

Advanced Trading Infrastructure for Funds Management and Signal Providers

The trade copier platform at allows fund managers and top-performing traders to be compensated while followers copy their trades. 

Whilst the multi account manager (MAM) platform is available at, the threshold for a MAM account may not be suitable for all fund sizes. However, our trade copier platform has greatly reduced the financial entry barriers for aspiring fund managers and top-performing traders.

How to Copy Trades at

Select a signal provider which suits your risk appetite

Select your preferred traders based on their historical trading records.


Decide on the amount to investment

Input your preferred amount you would like to allocate to the trade copier service.


Set up your risk management and run

Decide whether to use a fixed dollar amount or percentage of capital for your potential stop-loss style, then click the ‘Copy’ button.


You are on top of trading

The trade copying platform at provides followers with complete control over who they copy and when.  Users  can simply choose to stop copying, or change to another signal provider. More details can be discovered by login into our trade copying platform.


It depends on the signal provider’s setup. Public trading signals are generally for free, but some trading signal providers might charge a performance fee if their high watermark is achieved.

The minimum amount requirement for copying trade is generally $500, but some signal providers might require a higher entry-level due to the nature of their trading strategies.

No, you can use your MetaTrader accounts login details to log in to our trade copying platform.

Almost 100% of trades executed via are filled within milliseconds,  and the same execution speed can be expected within our trade copier platform.

Yes, all traders with a live trading account with can enjoy the benefit of becoming a signal provider. However, applicants must first be approved in order to become a public or a private signal provider according to our selection criteria. 

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