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Trade a variety of CFDs with our competitive raw spreads. Spreads from 0.0 pips are
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Market Leading Ultra-Low Spreads at offers variable spreads on our MT4, MT5 and IRESS trading platforms. We are able to offer the market-leading spreads on all trading instruments due to a strong prime brokerage relationship, with deep and reliable pools of liquidity, across multiple liquidity providers, at a low cost.

How Spreads are Playing Out

The spread is a nominal transaction cost to enter a trade and is simply

the difference between the best bid and the best ask price. The

spread is variable but can be as little as


0.0 pips on an Alpha account.

The amount of liquidity available dictates how tight the spread is, so typically one would expect spreads to be tighter during active trading sessions such as New York or London. However, spreads are also sensitive around economic news releases. If traders are waiting for an important release such as Nonfarm payroll or a Fed meeting, liquidity dries up and spreads can get wider until liquidity returns after the release. 

View Live Spreads on the MetaQuotes Trader Platforms

Bid and ask prices are visible in several locations within MetaQuotes’ trading platforms, such as the “Market Watch” window and deal ticket.

Long (bullish) trades:

Enter at the ‘ask’ price (what the seller is asking for)

Exit at the ‘bid’ price (for both take profit or stop-loss orders)

Short (bearish) trades:

Enter short at the ‘bid’ price

Exit at the ‘ask’ price (for both take profit or stop-loss orders)

Fractional Pip Pricing

Pips are priced at with 5-digits rather than 4-digits, allowing clients to benefit from the smallest price movements, more accurate quotes and even tighter spreads.

Market Depth

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FX Majors
FX Minors
FX Exotics
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