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Spot Metals offers spot metal CFDs including gold and silver denominated in US Dollars
with market leading spreads and margin requirements.

Trade long or short

Trade on margin

Hedge physical

Diversify your

Highly liquid

Trade Gold and Silver via a Fast Execution Broker

Speculate on metals with and trade gold, silver and copper with low margin requirements, competitive spreads
and fast execution. Live market prices are available nearly 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, across all devices with MT4.

What are Metals?

Metals trading is said to have begun around AD43, when Romans invaded Britain and helped themselves to vast amounts of copper and tin. To this day, London is still considered a hub for metal trading and has housed the London Metals Exchange (LME) since 1877.

Trade Spot Metals with

Trade a variety of Spot Metals with leverage. Copper, gold and silver are all available on our leading trading platform.

Why Trade Metals with

wdt_ID Symbol Lowest Spreads Avg. Spreads Long Swap Short Swap Margin Currency Contract Size Max. Leverage
1 XAGUSD 0 0.9 -0.4 -0.02 USD 5000 1:100
2 XAUUSD 0 13.9 -1.85 -1.1 USD 100 1:100
3 XCUUSD 15 21.2 -4.97 -2.46 USD 10 1:50
wdt_ID Symbol Description Server Time Weekdays Monday Open Friday Close
1 XAGUSD Silver MT4 Time 01:01-23:59 01:01 23:57
2 XAUUSD Gold MT4 Time 01:01-23:59 01:01 23:57
3 XCUUSD Copper MT4 Time 01:00-24:00 01:00 24:00


As our gold contract is equivalent to 100 ounces of gold, if the gold price is USD $1,500 it means you can purchase the equivalent of 100 ounces for USD $1,500 (or $15 per ounce at $1,500 / 100 ounces).

You can trade gold (XAUUSD) and silver (XAGUSD) with mini lots (0.1 contracts) and micro lots (0.01 contracts). Copper (XCUUSD) is traded in full contracts (1.00 lots within MT4).

No, they are based upon spot (cash) metal prices. This means traders do not need to worry about futures expiration dates, which allows them to keep their gold, metal or copper traders open as futures contracts expire.

Yes. Our metal CFDs are leveraged products, which allow traders to speculate on the rise or fall of metal prices for a fraction of the cost of the underlying market.

Yes. If trades are held overnight (over 0:00 MT4 server time) then a swap charge or rebate may be applied to an open position. Rates vary depending on the size and direction of the trade and underlying interest rate. 

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