10% Bonus Offer

Receive Up To $5,000 Bonus Credit On Deposits
Up To $50,000.


The Eligibility Criteria for the Offer

That the promotion offers apply to FXTRADING.com Clients that open a Professional/Standard live account (eligible client). From 1/07/2020 to 30/09/2020, eligible client deposit new fund from 1,000 base currency onward.



  • Deposit: Minmum $1,000 base currency
  • Credit bonus (Maximum $5,000 base currency) : Standard account (Deposit amount *10%) / Professional and Raw account (Deposit amount *10%)
  • Credit bonus redemption trading volume requirement (Standard lots):
    Standard account (Credit bonus amount *0.8) / Professional and Raw account(Credit bonus amount *1)

*“Base currency” means client’s Live account base currency.


Credit Bonus will be available for redemption subject to the conditions of the promotion being met. Eligible client must submit a Credit Redemption Request by sending email to promotion@fxtrading.com from their register email address, upon which their eligibility for redemption will be assessed by FXTRADING.com and decision will be advised to Client via email.

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