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MT4 VPS Hosting

At, the utilization of sophisticated trading strategies written by EAs or Algoware
optimised with boosted execution speed and stabilized the trading environment.

Advantages of Trading through VPS

Free VPS Offering at

Timely, uninterrupted Algos and other sophisticated trading strategies are empowered
with our free VPS offering.

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting essentially means that users gain access to a virtual online server/computer with dedicated (private) resources, which is a more secure and stable solution for forex traders and their trading needs.

Being able to run trading strategies 24/5 on a private online server without having to worry about an internet connection is a high priority for algo traders. The security and stability of their trading environment is also enhanced by using a VPS service.  

The VPS offered by provides traders the ability to utilise sophisticated trading strategies in a stable trading environment with fast execution speeds, thanks to server co-location. Traders also have full access to multiple trading platforms including Windows PCs, Mac, mobile devices etc.

How Does VPS Work at

For existing clients, please contact our support team to find out your VPS solutions.

For new clients, please note that offers free monthly VPS subscription if:

Meet the minimum

Ensure your account maintains a minimum balance of USD $5,000, or equivalent currencies and trades 10 standard lots per month

Claim your free VPS

Opt into the Free VPS Promotion through client portal

Choose your VPS

Select your VPS, send us your monthly receipt, and we will reimburse the cost into your trading account

Beeks VPS service

Our clients have access to Beeks VPS (virtual private server) and enjoy sub-millisecond latency for trade execution, making it ideal for high frequency and automated traders. Utilising 18 financial centres across the globe including New York, Chicago, London, Frankfurt and Tokyo, our clients can rely on Beeks’ trading infrastructure, no matter their location.
And it gets better, as our clients enjoy 20% off by applying for a Beeks VPN via
Please ask your sales manager or email to [email protected]

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