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| By FXTrading.com
"Metaverse" certainly ended up being November's business buzzword, with Facebook rebranding to "Meta" indicating the tech giant's dedication towards the space.  However, at its heart, the metaverse idea is decentralized, and many of its proponents would gladly like to see the net move away from Facebook's and other tech giants' control. 
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Piles of gold coins on a marble table against the background of the flag of USA. 3D rendering
U.S treasury yields are little changed on Tuesday, as the investors wait for the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome to offer policy details in his senate nomination hearing later in the day.
| By FXTrading.com
Together with the new year’s arrival, new investment opportunities arise as well. In 2022, investors should be aware of the following key investment trends.
| By FXTrading.com
Japanese yen banknotes and Japanese yen coins for background image, vintage tone concept
USD/JPY is now trading at almost the highest level since JAN 2017 after moving above 115.50 overnight amid the surge higher in US yields (US 10yr rose 11bps in yesterday’s session).
| By FXTrading.com
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