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IRESS ViewPoint

Get ready to trade with on IRESS with stocks from global stock exchanges.

Why Trade on IRESS ViewPoint with

What Can You Trade on IRESS ViewPoint?

IRESS Account Types


Minimum Deposit:
$10,000 AUD
Platform Fee:
$60 AUD
Market Data Fee:
For Every Exchange


Minimum Deposit:
$50,000 AUD
Platform Fee:
$60 AUD
Market Data Fee:
For Every Exchange


Minimum Deposit:
$100,000 AUD
Platform Fee:
No Platform fee
Market Data Fee:
For Every Exchange

Market Data Fees

  How to Access IRESS ViewPoint


Sign up for a live IRESS ViewPoint account online


Deposit minimum $10,000 AUD or equivalent currency into your IRESS account


Access IRESS ViewPoint by clicking 'Here'


Input your username and password, and then log into your IRESS ViewPoint account IRESS ViewPoint Main Features

  About IRESS ViewPoint

IRESS ViewPoint is a true multi-asset trading platform with investors and speculators in mind. Providing a global reach to equity markets via pure DMA (Direct Market Access), traders enjoy a fully customisable interface with rich graphics. 

ViewPoint can be easily configured to meet each user’s specific trading and market data needs without the hassle of managing multiple software programs.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX, IRESS ViewPoint allows traders to access over 10,000 shares via a fast execution brokerage.

Ready to Trade?

Opening an account only takes around 3 minutes.
Live Trading Account Application FX &CFD

iress platform application

  • Complete the following application process and select ‘IRESS Account’ under account types.
  • Deposit a minimum of $10,000 AUD (or equivalent base currency) into an auto-generated MT4 account via the client portal.
  • Send an email to [email protected] to request your IRESS login details after you complete the previous two steps.
  • Send an email to [email protected] for all your future deposits or withdraws, and the auto-generated MT4 account will act as an intermediary for cash transactions.

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