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Trade Crude Oil with a Globally Regulated Broker

If volatility is a trader’s friend, then crude oil should be on every trader's watchlist. Test your trading skills on WTI and Brent crude oil CFDs and take advantage of fast execution with tight spreads via a globally regulated broker.

What are Energies? offers both crude oil and natural gas to meet the demands of clients engaged in energy trading. The most popular traded grades of crude oils are Brent North Sea Crude (commonly known as Brent Crude) and West Texas Intermediate (Commonly known as WTI), combined with natural gas have become the most prevalent energy CFDs in trading.

Trade Energies with

Trade energies with leverage. WTI and Brent and Crude Oil CFDs are available on our leading trading platform.

Why Trade Energy CFDs with

wdt_ID Symbol Lowest Spreads Avg. Spreads Long Swap Short Swap Margin Currency Contract Size Max. Leverage
1 BRENT 1.6 2 3.52 -4.04 USD 100 1:100
2 WTI 1.5 2 3.53 -4.06 USD 100 1:100
3 GASOIL 38 42.9 -6.49 1.33 USD 1 1:50
wdt_ID Symbol Description Server Time Weekdays Monday Open Friday Close
1 BRENT Brent Crude Oil GMT +3 03:05-24:00 3:05 24:00:00
2 GASOIL Low Sulphur Gasoil GMT +3 00:00-01:00; 04:00-24:00 2:00 24:00:00
3 WTI West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil GMT +3 01:00-24:00 1:00 24:00:00


Three energy CFDs currently on offer - Western Texas Intermediate (WTI), Brent Crude (BRENT) and Low Sulphur Gasoil (GASOIL).

WTI (Western Texas Intermediate) is usually sourced from US oil fields and is the main pricing model for US producers. Brent is usually sourced from the North Sea and used by around 2/3rd of the world as a benchmark for oil prices.

Also known as red diesel, low sulphur gasoil is widely used in off-road vehicles, tractors and horticulture machinery.

Both WTI and Brent are priced in US dollars, despite their geographical differences. Brent is mainly sourced from the North Sea and WTI is pumped from North American oil fields.

As oil is used for energy, it is a major input to the global economy. Any threat to supply or demand levels, whether due to wars, production cuts or weather etc, can directly impact oil prices.

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