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  • Plan your trade parameters before entering
  • Easily Manage Your Risk on Every Trade
  • Automate your finds with robots
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Enjoy these Benefits When You Sign up for FXT's Trading Tools

All-In-One Plug and Play

All the features are integrated into one dashboard in your platform

All types of trader

The FXT trading tools are useful for all levels of trader ability

No coding required

All you need to do is input your preferences, FXT does the rest

Two screens with charts 5 circles with several types of trade Two screens with trading tools

All-In-One Plug and Play

All the features are integrated into one dashboard in your platform

Two screens with charts

All types of trader

The FXT trading tools are useful for all levels of trader ability

5 circles with several types of trade

No coding required

All you need to do is input your preferences, FXT does the rest

Two screens with trading tools

FXT Trade Manager Advantages

Go Long & Short

Access the ability to earn from both falling and rising markets

Phone, which shows the schedule of price increases and decreases

Leveraged Positions

Multiply your buying power with up to 1:400

Phone, which shows the statistic with leveraged positions
Leverage 1:400

Access On The Go

Buy and Sell from home or on the go, direct from your mobile device

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Free practice account

Test new strategies risk-free with an FXT Demo account

Trade Global Markets with

The Best Trading Conditions on the Market

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JPN225 item
3 screens that show order type, chart and statistics

Become A Smarter Trader

Trade Manager offers money management options to best suit your personal trading strategy and risk-reward preferences.

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Know What's At Stake

Trade Manager automatically calculates the amount of risk in dollar value for a given stop loss, and how much to trade for a set percentage of portfolio risk.

Cards that show how much profit to expect for a given level of risk, like and a heart

Risk-Adjusted Return Calculator

Trade Manager can automatically calculate when to take profit, and how much profit to expect for a given level of risk. This gives full clarity to your trading decisions.

Chart that show spreads

Monitor Spreads 24/7

Navigator automatically monitors the spreads for each symbol. This allows you to better understand spread changes over time through different market conditions.

Two screens of tables that show margin requirements

Easily See Your Required Margin

Understand the margin requirements of the trade before laying down equity against the trade. This can be very useful when trading a new instrument or when you are planning on placing multiple orders at a time.

Drag from navigator and drop to browser with site opened

Visualize Your Trade Parameters

See the stop loss and take profit levels first and ensure there is enough risk reward and enough space between your entry and stops for the trade to be effective.

Best Trading Conditions with

Leveraged Market Access

Why hold physical when you can leverage your capital?

Stable pricing

Institutional pricing allowing more stability

Instant withdrawals

Multiple payment methods including instant deposit and withdrawals

Commission Free Trading

Low costs, tight spreads, no hidden fees and no commissions

Fast Execution

Enter and exit the market fast, with deep liquidity pools on a wholesale institutional level.

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Your Trading Platform – Meta Trader 4

Trade using the most popular and widely used platform, MetaTrader 4. Manage positions, analyze charts, run scans and use tools all in the one place.

  • Access on the go

    Trade on your mobile device via the MetaTrader 4 mobile app

  • Exclusive FXT Navigator

    Access institutional grade trading tools built by traders, for traders

  • Trade with Confidence

    Access to our friendly support team to help you

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Not Just a Trading Tool Provider

Hedge, diversify and expand your investment portfolio by trading global assets

Piggy bank with coins


Trade popular currency pairs like USDJPY and EURGBP

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Trade a wide range of crypto assets and ride the crypto wave

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Trade gold, oil cotton and even orange juice

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Share CFDs

Trade the biggest listed companies around the world

Why Trade with

Bitcoin, dollar and euro

Multi-Asset Platform

Stocks, Crypto, Forex, Commodities and more

Multi-Asset Platform

Trade over 10,000 instruments covering stocks, crypto, forex, commodities and more


Industrial Leading Trading Environment

Spreads starting from 0.0 pips

Top Shelf Trading Environment

Enjoy top-shelf trading conditions, with costs that beat 80% of our peers


Incubation Program

Designated professional career path for gifted traders

Veteran Expertise

FXT's team consists of trading veterans with a deep, first-hand understanding of markets


Investing with Pros

Copy trade top performing funds managers worldwide

Experience-Driven Innovation

FXT's product developers aren't just technical experts – they're traders who've been in the trenches themselves

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Advanced Trading Tools

In-house built trading tools available to FXT clients

Advanced Trading Tools

Cutting-edge trading tools developed by an in-house team to drive the success of traders at all levels

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Globally Licensed Brokerage

Multi-licenses available to cater your needs

Fully Regulated Brokerage

We're licensed and fully compliant across multiple jurisdictions to ensure the highest levels of integrity

So, how can I get started?

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Fund Your Account

We offer multiple payment methods and currencies to fund with.



Buy and sell your favourite instruments via your MT4/MT5 mobile app or desktop computer

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