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Back \ FXT News \ Incorporates Trading Central’s Analytics to Better Empower Investors Incorporates Trading Central’s Analytics to Better Empower Investors is proud to announce the incorporation of Trading Central’s powerful analytics into its service offerings, as part of ongoing efforts to acquire new trading tools to make our clients better traders.

First established in 1999, Trading Central s a premium one-stop shop for investment decision support, and an award-winning provider of automated AI analytics and senior analyst expertise to investors.

Its fintech-driven tools promise to further empower‘s clients by giving them access to unique insights and analysis, as well as in-depth knowledge and timely market updates.

The tools and services from TC that has incorporated include:

  1. TC Technical Views
  2. TC Crowd Insight
  3. TC Economic insight 
  4. Featured ideas
  5. TC Videos
  6. TC Economic Calendar



TC Technical Views is the only financial market solution in the world that integrates senior market expertise with automated algorithmic technology.

Its proprietary pattern recognition technology performs monitoring of the market and then automatically generates its own independent analysis.

TC’s international team of expert market technicians then reviews and validates this output, to ensure that only the best analysis is published for the benefit of clients.

TC Economic Insight provides powerful tools for monitoring, anticipating and responding to the key economic developments that move markets.

These include impact and volatility analysis tools, that give investors better insights into how economic events can influence specific FX pairs.

TC Crowd Insight scans thousands of online media sources on a daily basis using proprietary natural-language processing, in order to analyse public sentiment on current topics.

This technology not only determines what developments have captured public attention, but also how the general public actually feels about these topics.

Investors can then use this understanding of public sentiment to tailor their own investment strategies, or come up with new trading ideas based upon the mood of the crowd.

Featured Ideas helps clients to discover live investment ideas based on TC’s award-winning technical and fundamental analytics.

Investors can use powerful filters to personalise the selection of ideas to support their own personal trading strategies, whether they be bullish or bearish.

These filters also enable investors to screen ideas in terms of pattern type, holding-timeframe and other conditions, helping investors to further fine-tune and optimise their trading strategies.

TC Videos consists of both the WebTV and Market Updates services, equipping clients with critical investor knowledge as well as helping them to stay up-to-date on all the latest movements of the market.

WebTV provides daily market overviews and rapid instrument updates, courtesy of both the TC research desks and their on-site NYSE reporters.

Market Update provides commentary from TC analysts on the latest news, helping investors to better navigate market developments. In addition to analysis of key market events, it also caters to new investors by providing insights on investment basics.

TC Economic Calendar offers real-time macro-economic data on 38 countries, giving investors the latest actionable information and enabling them to respond rapidly to events that shift the market.  A real-time data filter also helps to analyse how similar events have impacted market developments and price movements in the past.

In future, will continue to adapt and incorporate the best trading tools available on the market, in order to empower our clients to become better traders and to further optimise their investment strategies.