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Welcome to Discord Hangout

Looking to chat to likeminded traders and advance your trading knowledge exponentially? The Discord hangout is here, you can chat to the team, other traders and learn from others as you go.
Of course, there's also the support area where you can get assistance in using the platform, understanding the symbols and more.
Join the discord now and enjoy being a part of the incredible community offers.

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Discord Channels


This channel is all about sharing strategies and trading concepts including risk management practices and other concepts that are working for you. Knowledge is power and in trading, knowledge is everything. Get in and learn as much as you can, and be a part of the community here at


New to the game or working out the best ways to use the FXT Navigator? This channel is for you! Get help on using the product, get others ideas on how they worked it all out. Tips and tricks galore for those new to the FXT Navigator.


Ever wanted to just allocate your funds to people with that have mastered their craft already? Even when you want to learn, it's easy to allocate some funds to someone else while you learn the ropes and take the pressure off yourself for a moment.
The copytrading channel is where you can talk about ways to maximise your portfolio of people, be a part of an economy where everyone can enjoy no matter their skill level and develop a better understanding of what others are doing with their copier accounts.


The General Support channel is for those questions you have but not sure where to post them. At support and customer experience is a massive priority so get involved and ask away, chances are someone else will be thinking the same thing and you will help them out to!

Become a part of FXT’s in-house trading community

Traders can enjoy major benefits by joining our Discord Channel. Meet FXT’s CEO, product developers as well as other traders. Become part of a supportive and transparent trading community

Meet FXT Developers

Interact with leading product developers hailing from the worlds of both academia and finance

Professional Mentors

Learn from some of the world’s leading traders, with decades of experience in beating the market

Unlimited Learnings

Access inexhaustible sources of knowledge from traders who are constantly upping their game

FXT Navigator Support

Enjoy timely, up-to-date support for the FXT Navigator’s cutting edge tools and analytics

Trading Community

Become part of a highly active community of traders at all levels. Make connections to accelerate your trading journey

Product Feedback

Provide us with feedback to further enhance our products and services and improve your customer experience

Be part of an Incredible Trading Community

Join the transparent and supportive trading community now


How can I access the discord community?

Simply download the Discord App, login or setup your account and scan the QR code near the top of this page. It will create the link if you are using your phone and connect you to our discord community.
If you are using your PC or laptop, you can click the button to "Start Chatting".

Who hangs out at the Discord community?

Within the chat groups of, you will find founders and CEO, management team, support staff and other traders ready to talk shop. The channels are designed so that anyone interested in trading or copying others, can enjoy the community and be a part of something bigger.

What do people talk about in the discord chat rooms?

In the discord chats, we talk about trading strategies, the best ways to use the tools and keep you up to date on new updates. Other things that are talked about include client suggestions to the team, help with platform and other support requirements and there's even exclusive offers to clients inside the discord chat.

Are there special offers and opportunities in the discord community? hold competitions to help drive our traders to successful trading habits. Our traders enjoy a competitive and respectful community that rewards quality conversations. There are also special offers for new account holders joining us via discord, just ask us!

Why Trade with

Multi-Asset Platform

Trade over 10,000 instruments covering stocks, crypto, forex, commodities and more

Top Shelf Trading Environment

Enjoy top-shelf trading conditions, with costs that beat 80% of our peers

Veteran Expertise

FXT’s team consists of trading veterans with a deep, first-hand understanding of markets

Experience-Driven Innovation

FXT’s product developers aren’t just technical experts – they're traders who’ve been in the trenches themselves

Advanced Trading Tools

Cutting-edge trading tools developed by an in-house team to drive the success of traders at all levels

Fully Regulated Brokerage

We’re licensed and fully compliant across multiple jurisdictions to ensure the highest levels of integrity

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