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Convertible Deposit Bonus

Receive a 10% bonus on new deposits up to $50,000 and enjoy your awarded trading environment.
10% Convertible Deposit to Further Reduce Your Trading Costs

Trade with Convertible Deposit Bonus offers this special promotion for traders to enjoy an institutional trading environment.

What is Convertible Deposit Bonus?

The Convertible Deposit Bonus at simply means that your 10% upfront awarded trading credit can be converted into real cash when certain criteria are met. 

Therefore, clients who trade at would not only enjoy our institutional-grade trading environment, but are also entitled to further reduce their trading costs when they join this special promotion.

How to Reduce Your Trading Costs and Boost the Chance of Your Trading Success?


Further trading costs reduction

Reduce an extra $1 per forex standard lot on your trades, which can greatly contribute towards your trading success.


Timely and efficient

All convertible bonuses are calculated on a weekly basis, and all converted equity can be withdrawn instantly once it has been allocated as equity in your trading account.


Non-expiry setup

All available convertible deposit bonuses are not restricted with time limit, so you can trade whenever you are into.


Fractional conversion available

Convertible deposit bonus can be converted once a minimum of 100 lots have been traded, which means clients do not need to convert all of their bonus at the same time.

How Does it Work?
For Example:
  1. You have funded your Standard Account with $10,000, and also received 10% of your convertible deposit bonus of $1,000.
  2. Once 50 lots have been traded on your account over the next month, with your initial $1,000 convertible deposit bonus, 10% of them ($100) will be converted into real equity (can be withdrawn) available on your trading account.
  3. As you continuously trade, the rest of your convertible deposit bonus (90% of $1,000) will be continuously converted into real equity until 500 lots have been traded.
How to Apply and Redeem Your Convertible Deposit Bonus?


Open a Standard Account without a referral and make a deposit of minimum requirements.


Apply the promotion through client portal and a confirmation email will be sent from
[email protected] to confirm
your eligibility.


Deposit bonus will be credited to your account after approval, and with every 50 lots traded, $100 will be automatically converted from credit to real equity in your trading account.

How to Claim Your Rebate
Open and
fund your

Open a Standard Account with and deposit $1,000 or more.

Claim your 10% bonus
Opt into the rebates promotion via ‘Client Portal’ if you are eligible for the promotion.
Start trading forex

For every 50 standard lots you trade, $100 bonus will become real cash.

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