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Trade Gold & Silver Online

Trade Gold & Silver through our MetaTrader 4 platform

With our online trading platform you can leverage the price of gold and silver with up to 500:1 buying power. That means you can trade 100 ounces of Gold with as little as $200. enables you to trade gold, silver, oil and all of the major metals and commodities. It is highly recommended to begin with a practice account before risking any of your own money.

What is Gold & Silver Trading & How it Works?

Gold is a rare metal which is often used as money. Thus, trading gold is extremely popular throughout history. Trading gold is usually viewed as a hedge or harbor against economic, political, or social fiat currency crisis, such as investment market declines, inflation, currency failure, war and social unrest.

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How it Works?

Gold is traded in dollars and cents per ounce. For example, when gold is trading at $600 per ounce, the contract has a value of $60,000 (600 x 100 ounces). A trader that is long at 600 and sells at 610 will make $10,000 (610 – 600 = $10 profit, 10 x 100 ounces = $1,000). Conversely, a trader who is long at 600 and sells at 590 will lose $1,000.

The minimum price movement or tick size is around 5 cents. 


Why Trade Gold, Silver & Other Metals ?

Gold is supposed to be a safe haven asset that will retain at least some of its value if other asset classes are falling in value. So the likelihood of equities, bonds and other assets falling in tandem has to be assessed before piling into gold. Most people hold gold as insurance, rather than a belief that the global economy will combust.

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Gold holdings provide no income and the price can be volatile, historically holding up best when equities are falling.


Competitive Spreads/Margins on Gold

You can trade on margin and get leverage on your investment of up to 500 times. And because you don’t own the actual gold there are no fees and you can buy or sell instantly whenever the markets are open.

Lower Transaction Costs

Trade Commission Free, no exchange fees, & no clearing fees. The transaction cost is the spread, the difference between the buy and sell price.

Greater Ease of Trading

Gold and Silver are traded alongside currencies on MT4 Trading Terminal, providing you with convenient, intuitive, one-click trading.

Generous Leverage

Trading in the futures market requires large contracts – $4000 margin to maintain a 100-ounce position is common. In the futures market leverage is usually limited to 25 to 1. Our platform allows you trade Gold on 500 to 1 leverage via a Spot Cash CFD.

Learn More About Gold

Countless books, websites, courses and seminars claim they can give you this gold trading edge. But few will remind you that the No.1 rule of making money – whether you’re trading gold, coffee, Dow futures or currencies – starts with cutting your trading costs as low as you can

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The trade of this precious metal is interwoven with that of the trade of currencies, and with the financial markets in general.

Several different factors come into play when analyzing the movement of the Gold price:

  • Demand – mainly comes from jewellery and use in technological products
  • Market Volatility – Gold has often been used as a safe haven investment when markets are unpredictable
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