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The foreign exchange market – or forex for short – is the buying and selling of international currencies, and it’s one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with a daily turnover of more than $5 billion USD and growing. Forex trading works much like stock trading; you can go long (buy low and sell high( or go short (sell high and buy low). You can trade forex conveniently via our Desktop Trading Software or Mobile Phone App, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

What is Forex Trading & How it Works?

The FOREX (Foreign Exchange) Market is the largest market in the world. It is the market where currencies are traded. Each day, more than US $5 trillion dollars are exchanged. The Forex market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, so that you can be right there trading whenever you see an opportunity.

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How Does Forex Trading Work?

FOREX trading is typically done through a broker platform. As a Forex Trader you can choose a currency pair that you expect to change in value and place a trade instantly. For example, if you had purchased 1,000 Euros in January of 2018, it would have cost you around $1,200 USD. Throughout 2018 the Euro’s value vs. the U.S. Dollar’s value increased. At the end of the year 1,000 Euros was worth $1,300 U.S. Dollars. If you had chosen to end your trade at that point, you would have a $100 gain. FOREX trades can be placed on your trading platform and orders can be placed with just a few clicks. The broker may pass the order along to a partner in the Interbank Market to fill your position. When you close your trade, the broker closes the position on the Interbank Market and credits your account with the loss or gain. This all occurs within a few seconds.

Why Trade Forex?

Trading occurs all around the world during different countries’ business hours. You can, therefore, trade major currencies at any time, 24 hours per day. Since there are no set exchange hours or locations, it means that there is also something happening at almost any time of the day or night.

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FOREX accounts trade with or without commission depending on your account type. There are no expensive exchange fees or data licenses. The cost of trading is the spread between the buy price and the sell price or the commission charged, which is displayed on your trading screen. Because of the deep liquidity available in the FOREX market, you can trade with considerable leverage (typically 200:1 but up to 500:1). This can allow you to take advantage of even small moves in the market. Leverage is a double-edged sword however, as it can significantly magnify your losses as well as your gains.

In a global world without barriers, traders can look for opportunities anywhere. If you want to take a broad view and invest or trade in another country (going long or short), FOREX is an easy way to gain exposure while AVOIDING normal barriers such as foreign securities laws, stamp duties/tax and financial statements in other languages.

Competitive Spreads/Margins on Forex offers highly competitive pricing, with tight spreads that let you trade EUR/USD for as low as 0 pips. Our spreads are determined by the forex execution and account type you choose.

Learn More About Forex Trading

FOREX is the most liquid market in the world, meaning that FX market spreads tend to remain tight throughout most of the day. Traders have the assurance and knowledge that their positions and orders can almost always be executed right at the market price, any time of the day.

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With an average turnover in excess of US$5 trillion per day being traded by governments, central banks, financial institutions, corporations, professional and retail traders, Foreign Exchange is the largest financial market in the world. In comparison, the New York Stock Exchange has a daily turnover of around US$150 billion. 

Over 25 Currency Pairs offers over 25 currency pairs on MetaTrader 4 desktop and mobile trading platforms. Gain access to them and speculate on exchange rates from 20 + major world economies. These pairs make up the vast majority of all trading in the FOREX market.

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