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Blue Wave Confirmed, Bitcoin Tops $36k The Democrat Party finalised their ‘blue wave’ after effectively […]

USD Dives Commodities Rise as ISM Manufacturing Rallies As the ISM is a leading indicator […]

3rd UK Lockdown ‘Pounds’ Sterling, OPEC and Georgia in Focus The British pound was the […]

Bitcoin Blasts Its Way Through Milestones with Ease …when you see volatility this strong, trying […]

SEC Lawsuit Caused ‘Ripples’ and then a Tsunami of XRP Selling Yet the potential for […]

US congress finally approved the COVID relief package worth US $892 billion, as part of […]

Volatility erupted overnight with wide daily ranges across equities, commodities, indices and forex markets. With […]

New ASIC Regulations to Take Affect from March 2021 The Australian Securities and Investments Commission […]