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Trading with Channels

Channels are essentially two parallel trendlines which contain price action within a bullish or bearish […]

Trading With Trendlines

Trendlines are likely one of the oldest forms of trend analysis. They were popular long […]

Using Line Charts to Reveal Hidden Information

Line charts are unlikely to be used to trade directly from a chart by most […]

Trading with Marabuzo Candles

Whilst a Marabuzo candle provide clues of trend continuation or trend reversal, the Marabuzo line […]

RBA Expected to Cut Rates Today

Wall Street was given a boost overnight by stronger than expected PMI data. Manufacturing PMI […]

Trading Flags and Pennants

Flags and pennants are continuation patterns which appeal to technical traders due to their relatively […]

Trading Price Gaps

Gaps can appear on a chart for a number of reasons, and their causes can […]

The Dead Cat Bounce

As crude as it may sound, the dead can bounce can be a rewarding trade […]