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Trading Styles Explained: End Of Day Trading (EOD)

For an aspiring yet time-starved trader, an EOD approach may be the answer. In an […]

Trading with Pivot Points

Pivot points are an indicator which can be used to gain a directional bias and […]

How to Trade Retracements

“Buying the dip” or “selling the rally” is a method to trade a retracement. In […]

Identify Trends with Pure Price Action

Technical analysis (TA) is the study of price action and volume. A core principle of […]

Support and Resistance Explained

Support and resistance levels are an important yet relatively simple tool in a trader’s toolbox. […]

Trading with Bollinger Bands

Bollinger bands are a versatile indicator which are used widely among discretionary and automated traders. […]

What Trading Styles Are There To Consider?

The Three Core Trading Styles Whilst there any many ways to trade the markets, we […]

Order Types Within MT4

Entering a trade is a crucial part of the trading process. So today we cover […]