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Trading Price Gaps

Gaps can appear on a chart for a number of reasons, and their causes can […]

The Dead Cat Bounce

As crude as it may sound, the dead can bounce can be a rewarding trade […]

Swing Trading Explained

Swing trading is a technical, rules-based approach to trading which is suitable across multiple markets […]

Trading Divergences

What is a Divergence? Divergences can be a useful tool for both trend-following and counter-trend […]

Trading with Fibonacci Retracements and Expansions

Fibonacci In Theory: What is the Fibonacci Sequence? An Italian mathematician called Leonardo Pisano (Fibonacci) […]

Trading Styles Explained: End Of Day Trading (EOD)

For an aspiring yet time-starved trader, an EOD approach may be the answer. In an […]

Trading with Pivot Points

Pivot points are an indicator which can be used to gain a directional bias and […]

How to Trade Retracements

“Buying the dip” or “selling the rally” is a method to trade a retracement. In […]